A clothing swap is a type of swapmeet wherein participants exchange their valued but no longer used clothing for clothing they will use. Clothing swaps are considered not only a good way to declutter and refill one's wardrobe, but also are considered an act of environmentalism.

How much is the swap? Why do we have to pay an admission fee?
The swap is $5 for admission. If you don't have clothes to donate you can pay a $15 door fee wherein we will reward you with ten points. The admission fee is to cover venue costs, goodie bags, refreshments, and other misc. costs. NOBODY IS PROFITING OFF OF THE SWAP. Whatever we do NOT spend on the space, bags, treats, etc will be donated. This entire event is a NON-PROFIT. No one is making MONEY. To make money off of a "donation" and an event sponsoring the art of being green would defeat the entire purpose.

Is there a minimum that I must donate?
We ask that you donate at least five pieces. We obviously want you to donate more, but either way you must have at least five pieces.

Remember the more everyone donates, the more we have to work with. That being said PLEASE DO NOT donate items, purely for extra credits. Items that are low quality/ distasteful/ etc will not be given credit.

Please do not OVER donate! If you are donating clothes that are out of style/aren't in good condition, you will not receive any points for said items and it's a hassle for us.

You, however, cannot donate five accessories. Accessories are in addition to the five piece minimum. Shoes, do count in the five.

What kind of items will you be taking?
Items MUST BE pre-laundered and in very good condition. Make sure items are on-trend, in-season, and high-quality. Clothing may include coats, tops, sweaters, blouses, tees, jeans, pants, skirts, suits, jackets, dresses and gowns. We will also accept jewelry, shoes, bags, scarves, and other items like that. Think of it this way, if you'd lend it to a friend, it's probably good enough.

Do vintage and thrifted items count?
Absolutely! We have immense love for vintage clothing, but we do NOT want cheap and tacky 80's vintage.

What will we get in return for our clothes and how can we "spend" that at the swap?
We will be operating the swap on a point system. Those points will allow you to "purchase" items at the swap.

Do we bring the clothes on the day of or how will that work?
No clothing will be accepted on the day of the swap. We will have scheduled drop off dates and will arrange for times to pick up your items at your house or wherever you'd like us to pick them up.

What if I donate designer or higher quality items?
Designer items and higher quality pieces will grant you more points. We will decide that based on the brand and quality. But we will try and give the maximum amount for higher quality items. This, however, does not mean we won't take items without name brands. We do not fact this in, unless it's a huge designer like Betsey Johnson, Coach, etc.

Can we donate anything?
Yes and no. We want a wide variety of items, styles, and sizes, but we will not accept clothing beyond repair. Nor will we accept items that are extremely out dated or that we cannot see our attendees purchasing.

Will you accept items with rips or missing buttons?
We will however be accepting clothing with light wear (missing button, tiny rip, etc) for our AS IS section. The AS IS section will grant you 1/2 a point. But it must be fixable or there will be no credit given.

Will accessories or shoes be acceptable?
We gladly accept jewelry, belts, bags, shoes, scarves, etc. Accessories shouldn't be broken, rusty, or dirty. Scarves must be pre-laundered.

I'm really awkward shaped! Should I bother?
YES YES YES. The swap isn't about one size or one style! It's for every style, every size, and every girl.

Can I sign up the day of the swap?
No. We will stop the sign up date a week or so before the swap. The swap space is limited. So, please reserve your space early. You must pay online within 24 hours.

After the event can I get my clothes back?
All left over items from the swap will be donated to Goodwill Industries. Once you hand your items over to us, they are now ours.

What should I bring to the swap?
A bag of some sort to carry all of your items in. We prefer that you bring reusable bags as this event is to promote the act of being green! Also bring CASH. We will have local vendors selling items.

What if I have a later time slot? Will there be anything left?
New clothes/items will be rolled out before each time slot. This will ensure that everyone has the chance to receive top notch items.

How will the swap work?
We will divide swappers up into groups by time slot. We will have a person at the door, handing out badges. Your badge=money! Clothes will be set up in different sections by point value. Each section will have a swap coordinator who will "cash" you out for your items.

I received my points and they aren't up to par with what I donated? What gives?
Just because you donated significant amounts of items does NOT mean we took them. We selected items of the highest quality and items that are current, trendy, and wearable. If your items did not meet our standards they were most likely donated. All items are pointed very low which means that you probably have more points than you think you do. We did not keep track of every item you donated, rather we wrote down the points. We also did not keep track of what was donated, so if you have questions regarding this, we can not help you.

While we accepted a good deal of items, we also donated a great amount. Prior to the swap over 20 full garbage bags were donated.

Referrals were worth 1 extra point each.