Monday, April 30, 2012

A Sneak Peak..

It was great to meet some of you at MC on Friday! The first drop-off was a big success! 

About a month ago I moved into a house that has this lovely attic space - perfect for swap clothes sorting! Tomorrow night, the swap team will have our first clothes organizing party .. we can't wait! 

I was anxious to get started, so got a little head start on the sorting :

I got some pretty ribbon to separate the clothes:

I decided to utilize any extra space to fold & organize - even the TV stand!

We still have a lot to go through:

There were some really great items dropped off on Friday, you ladies have been very generous!

Don't forget, if you know anyone who wants to attend the swap, the last day to sign up is this Thursday, May 3rd. The next drop off date is this Friday, May 4th at my house here in Highland Square (you'll get directions when you confirm). You can also arrange another pick-up or drop-off if you need to - get in touch with us:

Can't wait to get the swap team together tomorrow to go through the rest of the clothes!

-Rachel (For the Birds)


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  2. Lucky you. Your attic is so brite and perfect for clothes. Enjpy your swap

  3. wow you are a good lady!!! I need to take a leaf out of your book to clean my obese closet too!